Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Easy Admin Dashboard with MVC

Today I'm going to introduce you create responsive , mobile friendly admin dashboard with MVC project.

There are multiple bootstrap admin dashboard templates and one of the most commonly used and strongest one is Admin LTE. This is totally open source project.

This will provide you great UI with documentations. Click here to see documentations.

This project is owned to Almsaeed Studstudio . 

What i'm doing is removing some dependencies with 3rd party API's and make them call internally.

Lets begin with Visual studio

1. Start new empty MVC project 
2. Install Nuget Admin_Dashboard from nuget
3. Create Home empty controller and run

Now You are up and running this awsome template 

 Then afterwards you are on your own and find the relevant UI documentations form AdminLTE and use the components. all elements automatically will found with your project

You can use this template on MVC / Angular projects using visualstudio easyly 

**please ignore if there are some script error if it comes when installing nuget

Enjoy  :)